Daily Archives: June 8, 2009



In the midst of the packing spree that was taking place at our (old) house a few weeks ago I realized that we had no current pictures of Ephraim in that house. I know he will never remember living there, but I will always remember him living there because that is where we became a family. In what a later felt must have been a moment of sheer insanity, I decided to schedule family pictures at our house to commemorate our time there.

We have a GREAT photographer who quickly sheduled us in and worked around boxes and a termite inspector (literally). I was so concerned that we would not get any good pictures. For one, I HATE having my picture taken. My face gets all stiff and then quivery and I have a hard time just being “natural”. Michael is an old pro from his Monk and Neagle days of photoshoots and requires very little direction. Ephraim just could not sit still and Lezlie even joked that she needed her “fast baby” lens. So my concern about whether the pictures would be good had way more to do with me and my emotional state and exhaustion. Fortunately Lezlie has an artists eye and was able to capture some stunning pictures of our family in our first home together for the last time. Enjoy!