Update and nostalgia


Hello all, I am coming to you from a brand new address. Our house SOLD! It was on the market all of 4 days and was bought by the second people who looked at it. So thankfully we never had to endure endless showings and the dreaded “Open House”. What was even more incredible and insane was that the couple who bought the house wanted to close super quickly …like seven days quickly! We decided to take the money and run and thus began a marathon packing session completed at a break neck pace. Thank God for family because we needed help BIG TIME! The Neagles are blessed with amazing brothers, sisters and bro and sis in laws. They came and helped pack, load, unload and unpack. Amazing. And thanks to Michael’s mom for keeping Ephraim so Mommy and Daddy could get the job done.


I am not going to say that this has been an easy time. While it is an incredible blessing to have had the house sell quickly and to get almost full asking price, it has also been exhausting physically and emotionally. When we made the decision to sell it was not without a little trepidation. We made a decision in favor of wisdom and not comfort. Michael will begin clinicals next semester which will severely restrict the number of hours he is available to work setting tile. We knew that we could either keep the house and I would have to work probably full time again. Or, we could sell, downsizing our expenses and I could continue to be home with Ephraim. That was pretty much a no brainer. I want to be home with my little boy. It is still an incredible sacrifice though. 

I have battled my emotions from the moment we put the sign in the yard. I was counting on the fact that it would probably take some time to sell and a month to close. Wrong on both counts. In hind sight it is definitely for the best … better to go ahead and rip the band aid off rather than draw it out. I think what has been difficult is knowing that we are not really moving onto the “next” or “bigger and better” thing. It feels like we are sort of on pause. We decided rather than rush into getting into something else by renting that we would accept a more than gracious offer from my mom to move in with her. She is single and has a house that is much to large for her. It has a very unique layout that allows for a lot of privacy in the master suite. Because of that mom moved into one of the guest rooms and Michael and I are now settled into her old room. (We are secretly hoping that we will just buy this place from her and she will downsize into something smaller that will better suit her needs.)

So here we are mostly unpacked, but not quite settled. We painted E’s room the same color as it was at our house and although the room is slightly smaller it looks almost exactly the same and he seems none the wiser. He has been battling a fever for a few days so we finally took him to the doctor today. He has an ear infection and got a shot. He was pretty whiney and clingy all day (mama doesn’t mind), but is sleeping away right now.

Stress has been pretty crushing for Michael and I. We are both just wiped out from all the transition. Michael severely cut his hand at work on Monday with a box cutter. He got five stitches, but is almost good as new. He starts summer school next week so it will be back to the daily grind. We are looking forward to this weekend for some serious R&R. We are contemplating a beach vacation in the near future. I think we deserve it.

I will post some pictures of the new place soon. I am doing a lot of updating here and we have moved in a lot of our own furnishings and decor. My mom said the only hitch is that we have to leave it all when we leave because it looks so much better. Michael told her that the stuff could stay, but one of us would have to go then. I think she is actually very relieved to have us here. I can imagine that a big house can get very lonely when you are the only one living in it. It is also going to be nice for her to have a man around who can work on this place. She has been here about seven years and the wear and tear that comes with home ownership is a bit to evident in this house. We plan and helping her out with all that stuff in exchange for room and board while here. So begins a new season in our life. One we really did not see coming. Life has been nothing but transition for us ever since Ephraim was born. Slowly but surely we are figuring it out and just know that ultimately Jehovah Jireh is our provider. He always has been and we are blessed with His favor and grace.




About rachaelneagle

I am a 39 year old wife and mother.I have two children, ages 5 and 2. I am passionate about my family, God and getting healthy. I love to learn as much as I can about health and wellness and share that information with others.

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  1. Praying for all you chilluns out west. Really grateful for your mom and the opportunity to move in there. I can’t even imagine the stress you guys are under but I know God has His eye on you. Just know I’ve been thinking alot about you!

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