Honey, I should have let you take the car (aka the great poop fiasco)


You know what they say about the best laid plans, yep i experienced that this morning. Today marked the beginning of what was to be the equivilent of turning over a new leaf in our household. Those of you who know me well know that I am nothing if not a procastinator of epic proportions. So you will not be suprised to learn that Michael and I delayed our New Years “resolutions” until January 26. Why this particular date? Because Michael officially started Nursing School this bright winter morn. (He had some classes last week, but his Monday ones did not meet b/c of MLK day.) We decided to use this as a jumping off point for some other changes like going to bed earlier and for me it involved pushing back Ephraim’s morning nap and heading out to the gym first thing instead of waiting for him to wake up from his first nap (usually around 10:30) and then going.

You see I took the great advice most new moms are given “sleep when he sleeps” to heart. He wakes at 7:00ish and then goes back to sleep about 1 1/2 hours later. Again, those of you who know me well know that I am a night owl and that I love to sleep late. Not really conducive to having a baby anymore. I cope by going back to sleep when Ephraim does in the morning. I know …right!

I have known for awhile that this is something I need to change and have been “gently prompted” to do so by my husband, so today was the day. The plan was that when Ephraim woke up I would feed and dress him, eat breakfast and get my gym gear on and head out by 8:30 or 9:00. Simple. He woke up at about 7:30 (normal time) and I retreived him from his crib. I noticed while giving him his bottle that his sleep sack felt damp. Further investigation revealed that his diaper had leaked though and his pj’s were wet as well. While changing and dressing him Michael came in to say goodbye and asked if he could take the car (rather than his work truck) this morning. I reminded him that E and I would be leaving right after breakfast so I would need it.

Sidebar here: Last week while at Target I decided to comparison shop and found that the Target Brand diapers are significantly cheaper than the Pamper’s Cruisers that I buy. I have used Pampers his whole life based on Alexis recommendation. First, the Swaddlers (which they also used at the hospital) and then the Cruisers. I decided to try the Target Brand because some people who used to go to church said they are just as good as Huggies. I never used Huggies but I figured they were comprable to Pampers Cruisers. I wanted to see if the $7 price differential was justified. Rest assured, IT IS! I am not saying that Pampers have never leaked. I tried the regular Pampers when he was smaller and they didn’t have the flex grip sides. They leaked. Also, when he was smaller and laid on his side to sleep they would occasionally leak, especially if I forgot to point his penis down in his diaper (those moms of boys know what I mean). But for the most part i have been extremely pleased with the Cruisers and have recommended them to other new moms. I just hate to pay $20 for them if i could something just as good for $13.

I first noticed a difference yesterday when I went in to get him up from his nap. He sleeps in a sleep sack and I had put him down without his pants on. Just his shirt, diaper and socks. When I unzipped the sleep sack to change him his diaper was unfastened on one side. At first I thought I had forgotten to diaper him before putting him down, but then I realized it had just come undone. He was dry so no big deal and i thought maybe he pulled it lose himself somehow. Then, when he woke up this morning wet I figured the diapers just weren’t as absorbment and the Pampers and made a mental note to get some more Pampers later today. End of sidebar, sorry it was so lengthy.

After his diaper change I dressed him for the day. Usually he just stays in his pajamas until he gets up from the first nap, but since we would be leaving for the gym right after breakfast into shirt and pants he went. I would wait to put shoes on him until we were about to leave. He seemed a little perplexed by the change, but rolled with it. I fed him breakfast and then made my own and ate it. I left him in his high chair with some Cheerios to snack on while I started to get ready. I put my contacts in and came back to check on him. I could smell that he had pooped as soon as I got 2 feet away from him. I teased him about being smelly and mentally debated whether to get dressed first or to change him now. I opted for the later. Good thinking.

We went to his room and I laid him on the changing table. His nose is till boogery so I reached for a wipey and realized the warmer was empty. Praise God for realizing that when I did. I even joked with him that it was a good thing I knew it was empty before attempting to change him. I refilled it and pulled his pants off and tossed them aside. When I looked down his left leg was smeared in poop from thigh to his sock foot. YUCK! The crappy diaper had leaked (no pun intended). Before I could do anything he crossed his ankles and got poop on his other sock too. Acting as quickly as possible I pulled his socks from both feet. I must have used quite a bit of force because whenI did poop rocketed across the room and onto the floor. Then he starts wiggling his legs and gets the right leg, previously unsoiled, covered too. It was a poop fiaso. All you new moms that are still breast feeding have no idea how nasty those little ones diapers can be once they start eating formula and/or real food. Poop is disgusting, period. No matter how small a body it comes from.

I literally pulled what felt like an endless stream of wipes from the warmer and piled them alongside said crappy diaper. I cleaned all his little crevices created by his chubby rolls as best as I could as well as his twig and berries (as Michael calls them). I knew he needed a bath after this type of blow out. I decided to use the kitchen sink. I scooped up his naked body, took him to the kitchen and bathed him. He seemed completely confused by the days events thus far. He is, like most Babywise babies, very accustomed to his schedule. I had already thrown a major wrench in it by dressing him when I did this morning. There is no telling what this type of disruption will cause.

So needless to say since it is 9:30 and I am blogging away that we have not made it to the gym this morning. He is napping (hopefully) and I am still in my pj’s about to enjoy a second cup of coffee. I am awake though and in the den. Not in my bed enjoying a little more sleep. It is progress I guess. Baby steps.

I just texted Michael and told him I should have let him take the car.

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I am a 39 year old wife and mother.I have two children, ages 5 and 2. I am passionate about my family, God and getting healthy. I love to learn as much as I can about health and wellness and share that information with others.

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  1. I told you about those diapers! There is a reason I’m a diaper snob! Oh, and I’m just waiting for a blog next year about you leaving his diaper off for potty purposes and him pooping on the carpet and then driving a toy truck through it. That’ll be fun! Not that I would know…

  2. oh how I laugh at this!! Now, mind you I have no children of my own……but I agree, poop is gross no matter how small of a body it comes out of! And About 12 months ago my husband and I experienced our own “pooptastrophe” while babysitting a friends 8 month old. This seriously delayed any thoughts we may have been entertaining (were which few) of children of our own!!! From your story here it sounds like you handled it much better that we did….picture my husband running around the house in circles screaming that he didnt know what wipes were when I yelled at him to get me some…only to be found later on the back porch (empty) bottle of wine in hand.
    I applaud your resolution! And I think it is appropriate to make them at any time of the year!!! Better luck tomorrow on your workout! 🙂

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