All she wanted was a pair of summer wedges!


I love my mom! I do! There is so much to love about her and respect her for. She is one of the most intelligent women I have ever met. She has an amazing work ethic and thirst for knowledge. When I was in middle school went back to college and got her teaching certificate. She went on to be both a principal and a superintendant, before taking early retirement a few years back.

Over the past few years she tried her hand at financial planning and even delved briefly (thank goodness) into a multi-level marketing business. She never quite found her niche so she recently went back into the working world as a director of personnel for the juvenile detention center in Amarillo. She loves her job, loves the hours and all that it entails. The main challenge for her has been updating her wardrobe to re-enter the professional world. For the past few years, since she worked from home, most of her clothing purchases have been either very comfy or just plain practical. So she needed to upgrade.

Now, as I said before, I love my mom. There are many things to admire her for, but her style may not be one of them. I don’t say this to be mean, I am merely stating the facts. She is a beautiful woman and over the years my sister, Alexis, and I have had great fun dressing her up. We have taken girls trips to Dallas and hit up local sales and Mom is always eager for our opinions on things to try on and purchase. Last summer, before we took a trip to Israel, we spent a day outfitting her with new clothes for the vacation. My point in mentioning this is that my Mom respects and values our opinions, at least when it comes to fashion. So it was not unusual when, late last week, she asked Alexis and I to take a look at a few of her recent purchases. 

The other important thing to mention here is that my mom is cheap. Not thrifty or frugal. Cheap. She loves a bargain and often times has trouble refusing a purchase simply because it is a great deal. This has become a problem over the years as she has accumulated a few things that were inexpensive, but also hideous. This is valuable information.

Let me set the scene for you. Last Thursday night Alexis and I met at our mothers to help her clean her house for a shower we were all hosting there on Saturday. After hours of cleaning we broke open a celebratory bottle of wine and kicked up our heels. We started chatting and eventaully, inevitabley, the conversation drifted towards the holidays and the need to go shopping. I think this must have triggered her memory about the bargains stowed away in her closet so she beckoned us to her bedroom and showed off the new sweaters she had purchased at TJ Maxx (her absolute favorite store!). The sweaters were all great and Alexis and i complimented her on her good taste. emboldened by our praise she asked us to take a look at a pair of “summer wedges” she had also gotten on the same day. They were “a great deal” and she “really needed some closed toed summer wedges.” 

We followed Mom to the next room where she keeps her out of season clothes. She disappeared and into the closet and emerged with, well, these:



I know it is kinda hard to see, but those are pretty little gold kitty cats emblazoned all over the toe of the wedge. Some of you may recognize this as the logo for Baby Phat.

This is the heel of the shoe. Now, i wish i could say that we reacted well and were mindful of my Mom’s feelings when we saw these beauties. I can’t. I blame the wine, but we burst out laughing and I made Alexis grab these pictures with her camera phone. My poor Mom. She had no clue what all the fuss was about. She just figured we didn’t like these shoes like countless others she has bought before. We explained that she could not, was not  allowed under any circumstances to wear Baby Phat. She said, “What is Baby Phat?” We showed her the heel of the shoe and explained …. as best we could. All I could imagine was her walking through the detention center and getting a lot of props of some from some of the detainees for her excellent sense of fashion. Sigh!

Alexis accompanied her to TJ Maxx this week and made sure the kittens were safely returned. All is well that ends well. Just wanted to share a little humor from my week.

About rachaelneagle

I am a 39 year old wife and mother.I have two children, ages 5 and 2. I am passionate about my family, God and getting healthy. I love to learn as much as I can about health and wellness and share that information with others.

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  1. I just spit coffee over my keyboard.

    Oh, how I would’ve paid to have been there.

    I have a memory of being in Foleys (God rest it’s soul) with my mom and suddenly telling her, “Mom, look around. Who else do you see shopping in this section?”

    “Ummm, hmmm. Old ladies?”

    “Yes, so let’s get out of the ’embroidered with apples’ sweater vest section.”

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