Well, its out with the old and in with the new around the Neagle house this week. I am not sure if I am going through some kind of post-partum nesting thing or the reality of living in a small home with a new family member has set in. I always thought that once our little bundle of joy arrived I would somehow be able to avoid every square inch of my home being overrun by baby paraphernalia. It turns out I was wrong. The baby has won and we are quickly becoming outnumbered by all the accoutrements.

Case in point: The high-chair

I registered for a wooden one that looked more like a real piece of furniture but we didn’t receive it and waited to purchase one until we really needed it. I decided at that point that I was not ready to plunk down $150 bones for a highchair so I went to one of those “gently” used items for children shops and bought this lovely. She was $25 and I thought it was a good price. It looked a lot smaller in the store. It swallows Ephraim so much that he has to sit on a phone book in order to see over the tray. It also takes up way too much room in our already tiny kitchen. The only way we could position it left half the chair protruding into our den. The other issue is that there are too may distractions in the shared kitchen/den space and that makes for a frustrating feeding experience for mom and baby. Ephraim is one of those kiddos that needs a quite place to nurse and I think the same can be said for eating his solids as well. He rarely eats at mothers day out because there are just too many new things to discover and he cannot be bothered. 

So here is my new puchase:

It fits right onto one of our dining room chairs. We can actually all sit together at the table now as well. I can also move this easily between the two rooms and the little guy loves it too. Mommy happy, baby happy!

We have not quite decided on the best placement, it probably will come down to which spot is more conducive to easy clean-ups. 

Now what do to with the old highchair? She is being banished to grandma’s(or Darney as we call her) house. Since we now have three kiddo’s in the fam under the age of two this old girl will be put to good use. If you have extra, old, no longer useful baby and kid stuff I was sent this website as an alternative to selling/trashing the stuff. Check out Zwaggle if you are interested. Remember: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

In other big news, E graduated to his big boy car seat this week. It was time to upgrade from his infant carrier since his feet hung about 4 inches out from the edge and lifting him was becoming quite a task for me. We passed his carrier down to new cousin Holland. She came over with her mommy for lunch today and I picked up the carrier with her in it to bring out to the car. I nearly launched the poor thing out of habit of straining to pick up Ephraim in it. I will post some pics of the new ride later.



About rachaelneagle

I am a 39 year old wife and mother.I have two children, ages 5 and 2. I am passionate about my family, God and getting healthy. I love to learn as much as I can about health and wellness and share that information with others.

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  1. love it! what a great idea…I can never keep Co in his highchair…he’s starting just standing on the seat next to me while eating. (he always stands-he even stood in his highchair- I suppose sitting would be too still for him:))

    I would love to chat sometime. let me know a good time for you

  2. Thanks for mentioning Zwaggle! As a parent who’s all for the three Rs, I love it when I meet someone who’s in the know. Keep on de-cluttering! (And PS, my daughter’s 4 now, and she still won’t eat around other people.)

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